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Related article: however, back in the a conversation about the victory party at the pizzeria. The room was buzzing with rumors quietly, like drones in a hive of bees buzzing. Damage has not been seen for two - no, almost three days. Coach Kerr was the wife of a serious car accident known accident and the whole team, the coach who spend most of their time in the hospital beside his bed. Just a couple of nights ago with the help of Tom Summerfield , was the hero of the team. But now, knowing what was going on ? The members all had confidence in coach Dan Waters and Buddy Mansfield, Kerr assistant coach, but something about the coach Kerr ' no', who made a number of differences. Dan and friends gathered in the locker room. Coach Buddy the application of a giant black book to play. It was curious to see how those pieces that had never worked in a game, became Lord of the systems of action, if had a good quarterback Tom and it was like a gift sent from the heaven in a chariot of the gods. Tom, Phil, and Howie came in and received an abundance of applause, whistles and applause, as were the three Musketeers, after King Louis XIII secured the throne. "Please, please," he waved his hand as his teammates Howie, " do not worship Hero, Naked Lolitas I hate having to crawl on their knees and, above all, a bundle hot studs who drinks too much going to have sex after the victory Party! " " Whoever does not get ? Get " yelled Buzz on it. " You, you dumb cluck ! Could not have sex in a house with 4-100 setting hens and cocks no!" N "I have not seen you without date, leaving ass unless you have Phil! "Buzz mocked. " You do not see that n limo with Katie Holmes and Cameron Diaz we waited in the parking lot? " N "You mean the girls were replaced Tom Cruise and Justin n Timberlake? "Buzz said. " Oh, they were there - they were for you, find Buzz, n also Bobby," "shit " spoke to Bobby, " I neglected Tom and Justin n seconds after fucking both in theAss. " This observation led cheers, boos and jeers from the team. " Well, boys, "Buddy, it interrupts the fun," let's settle down down. We have much to do, but first we have to say some things, more. First, some of you have seen or know the whereabouts of his misfortune? " not answer" no "that most team members, while others shook their heads. was 3 40, n 10 minutes scheduled practice and Phil be seen in space, only to discover he had gone Wylie said that -.. be on time "Hey, Coach," as he was not too late Phil flame, friend, "Is Wylie. call and say that it was come too late? " " No, he calls you, Dan, " " Naked Lolitas ? Nope. " " Well, that 's fucking great, " Buddy said :" We had two players missing! Does anyone know where Wylie is ? " " No, "replied Randy. " I have two classes with him on Monday and he that so lacking today. " Phil Howie and Tom was worried at first glance. Had gone too far said that mKerr are with the coach this morning? If " gay " revelations was too much for him to digest ? "Coach, I will call your mother and see if you can learn at home or Mrs. Hammersmith. , Where is," said Phil " Good idea, Phil, " said Dan," do not use the phone in my office. " Phil entered the coach's office, while Buddy and Dan answered questions as many team accident Mrs. Kerr. Everyone agreed to pitch in and buy a huge bouquet of flowers and a fruit basket. Gary Cummings, an attack, every ball game Wakefield to sign and give to it. Mrs. Smith Hammer was concerned but not alarmed when called Phil to n. suggested that Wylie could return home, showered and went of class, while she herself was making his morning run. That was part of the company with Wylie if he wanted to run and stay fit, he had do this too. Wylie had lost his father had a heart attack, obesity and not the rest of n in good conditionCondition and would be damned if he would lose 's mother the same way! It was not until Phil told her that Bobby did not seem to have Wylie in the two classes, the wife Hammersmith felt a twinge of concern. " Cut the two classes?" He asked. " That's what coach Bobby Frazier, Waters said," Phil said. "What I do, Phil Call the police - or the safety of the campus. " " I do not know, Naked Lolitas ' Ham' the lady may be too early to assess the call police, , but it could be a good idea to call "CS". that is, all the security guys come a games, and they know Wylie. Perhaps one of them was at all campus for some time now. If you go, "yay " or find "no," please call me at back in office clothing. BU phone call and have connecting with the extension # 995. " " I'll do that right now, Phil, and thanks for calling. " " Sure, women ' Ham'. I 'm here waiting for your call. " Phil both hung up and went back into the locker room after reporting its findings to report on the COACH. Water , Went to Howie and whispered the news. Water friends went to train their colleagues and the two in a private conversation in the ears, " the team to get to , Naked Lolitas then Dan turned to his players " boys " said Dan Mansfield : "Aguas coach and I have just one find fast and this is what we do. First, there o cause for alarm, but Wylie mother does not know about his whereabouts, is what we propose is the current practice will be short. In fact, due to in our victory last week, we will not enter the game as usual. the new things, we want to try - Well, we will receive tomorrow. I take ten laps around the track, give me fifty push-ups and fifty sit-ups. That's all the physical work today. When finished, that I would like to merge with a partner... One of you must want to have a car, then I, to spend the next three hours, the time allotted for the team practice - and driving through the city at any place you can think in quWylie before can be. If your path, you must go to see the damage... Well, I do not know n ot know why lack of damage. but there is a possibility that he is concerned something. I do not understand. One of the two friendly with him, while the other n goes to the phone and call me here in the office car. " The team looked confused and filled with hundreds of questions no answer arose in their minds. Use was Eric Martin, the brave ( or foolish ) enough to increase is hand to ask what everyone is thinking. "Coach " Eric began quietly, " there are all sorts of rumors over the on the campus of something the damage they do with the death of Sandy. There is a truth in that? " " Truth "Dan replied," No, there is no truth or evidence. This remains the U. S. , I do not know without a shred of evidence to prosecute. " " But it's true ? "Eric added:" Do you think that has been on the walls or something, and must be so dangerous? " " Eric, always good to be cautious, but remember, The damage is talking n us! Do you remember? His friend ? Teammates ? One of the boys helped us win the game on Friday? I can not believe that damage has turned into Mr. Hyde in a few days. You may do something angry. Have you ever been angry with someone or something and the next person you've met the burden of anger? " " Yes " " Well, say that when the damage is angry, not destroy it, only stay calm. "Dan stopped and got eye contact with friends before the n to continue. " Look guys, I'm not going to lie. Police Briarwood Search harm, not to stop it, but asked about some events that have taken place around the campus in recent days. As I said will emphasize again, we know that the damage is guilty of anything, we just want to find, but is finding the first order of business Wylie. is that clear? " Tom Mansfield coach was founded comments. I knew it was damage guilty. Tom had been with the damage and sandand when they head to it was an accident. I needed to harm Tom Ray said it could have been talking for damages or for show. No sense in adding oil on the fire by unfounded rumors even more alarming. Tom knew that n both Phil and Howie knew everything he knew, but would remain in silence, it was revealed the whole truth. The three most were concerned about the disappearance of Wylie, when the damage is at this time. " coach " Phil spoke: " I know you said to divide into groups of n of two, but since neither Javi, and Tom have cars, the three of us we n together? " ", I suppose, but that means you have three doubles to cover much ground s. is it? " " Yes, sir. " No team took the field with its twists and gym to begin your search. Half an hour later ran Tom, Howie, and Phil was Phil 's car see only God knows where to Wylie. All three had the same thought. " Do you think that homophobia has the best of Wyfound in this morning?.. "Said Tom, "' said Howie " Of course I do not think Howie released two it better than me, but he seemed to fit - he was fine, if we embrace \\ \\ n the coach Kerr. Do any of you feel it's just a big facade, was dressing? " " No, I think Tom was more wounded than angry, "said Phil ". It's fun, Howie and I wanted to tell on us, for n long. Sometimes, as when he fooled around a Circle Jerk shower, Howie and I felt that perhaps dormant, at least. He has never made ​​any secret n to touch other erection! " " Hell, I had my first contact, when I was thirteen, " Howie said :" I I think all men when they are twelve, thirteen or fourteen. Then can be very serious. " He laughed Tom:" I think all children are equal. The first time I n orgasm home alone, they think they have not discovered anything no one ever knew before. It's something that induces its own private World of Dreams. Then around the age of fourteen, each child has a best friend, bonds with him, and they somehow want to betray their secret knowledge of the its 7 seconds of ecstasy. That is the average time duration of the orgasm for a man... 7 seconds. Shit ! A woman can have seven in a series of seven that minutes, but dammit, not a person just built that way. " " You're right, Tom, "said Phil, " There is no child in the world is not to say, I wonder what the tail looks like his best friend, no matter how \\ \\ n is the same. He wonders if his best friend knows, and reflecting Lands in any way to find out... and if the friend does not know, certainly there must be a way to teach. " " Yes "Tom jumped back into the conversation, " then spend the night first with his best friend, when at home or with you always... is the private sector and play the two, is very tired, , for some reason to go to bed early. Each with the same private thoughts n and motivation, the conspiracy against the other. Then, somehow, afterthe lights are o, none of them can go to sleep. Their tails are so difficult that would be Thorazine to take one of them to relax. " " Yes, "was Howie", and about a dozen fake pee times, until by accident on purpose to leave the " making of the series" is routine pee in the toilet more... and Naked Lolitas now , each sees the other sacred vestments for the first time both are impressed with what they see. Five minutes later, with n talked to each other in contact with both the tail and back to bed n. " " Yes, " Phil added," and before morning, they have Naked Lolitas jacked up that not only from each other, have a cock in her mouth for the first and n perhaps the only time in his young life. " " That is true. "Tom said," and think that the time the rest of their lives, you know, guys, if tied to a friend, a best friend s, you have to love him and he who loves him not there is nothing in the world, do not for he... including sucking him off. ": That was the end of the topic, and there was a moment of silence before three of them laughed loudly applauded and " When and where the three of us so damn smart. ? "Howie joked. " The three of us should be teaching sex education anywhere, at any school n. " " Or maybe the university there are many people without sex education as Wylie throughout the campus. "Phil offered. After the laughter fell, Tom asked," Do you think that Wylie is a virgin? " " Well, we know absolutely certain that he had never been with a guy... and this year we were all friends, I do not think he ever tried to n with a girl. "Howie said. " Oh yeah? " Phil answered. " And how many women have been fucking great Howard Jernigan in your life? " " Just one. "Howie said. " And would you mind telling me who ? "Said Phil. " You son of a bitch! " Howie screamed in pleasure. " Well, at least my cherry more than I can say is: on you! " Naked Lolitas 'shit, baby, I wasfifteen when my cousin and I, Bobby, one finds parachute ride other aft, so that really does not count... and only once. " " However, your ass is virgin, " joked Phil, a joke. " You should be happy that Bobby deceive and order I, o o no I already know what you are doing. " " Hey guys, "interrupted Tom," I just had a horrible thought --- what if damage Wylie went and tried something with it ? " " Then I pity the damage, "said Phil," Harm from Wylie could exceed thirty pounds or so, but the torso Wylie is pure muscle. Damage was shock n in the middle of April. Wylie really do not care if is to defend anyone. had " " unless damage from a weapon or some kind of weapon, " said Howie. " damage does not have to carry a weapon, it's just a dumb jock, a little \\ \\ n as you, Howie thinks that their fists are the weapons you need. "N " He called me a dumb jock ? " " No, I called a stupid sports injury. Not one call. He said he wa damages that you like. " " Oh, well, that's different... I accept your apology. " Howie and Phil were laughing, near its mouth in the skirmish, but Nor does it look to the other jokes. Howie not be stupid, but he liked it, because was a party he and Phil n had from the first moment I played football together played at Briarwood Jr. High, Howie became stupid, but in all likelihood, be intelligent and wiser than Phil , scholars athlete -. 7:30, started the match the team members search the wandering park n the side of the costumes from campus, car, children return na two two- foot None of them had anything to report on the coaches. Water and Mansfield, the couple had every conceivable place in the investigation all the heather, where the suspects may be Wylie. he was not a found. it was as if he had been abducted by an alien spaceship and seized a had gone to another planet. Aguas de Amigos kept in touch with Ms. Jerniganevery 30 minutes. Meanwhile, she was beside herself. Police had not a single bolo for damages - which had been issued for Wylie, and Tom and Howie asked Phil Cole saw it fall to the Institute, Jim and Nina to see! while Howie and Phil went home. When he came to in the ICU, and was there with Cliff 's father Jim. After seeing Tom Jim opened his arms to receive his young lovers. Tom was a little reluctant to touch screen physical emotional n before the Father Cliff. Although Tom knew Cliff and Jim relationship with Tom, who was not open before the father named Cliff. Tom put his arms on the body of a block n after Jim hug. Tom ignores the stop and hugged Tom anyway. "OK, Dad know Cliff. " " give him a hug, my son," Cliff said Tom, " he needs it. " Tom was in recognition of Cliff and Jim have permission him in her arms. Both took a deep breath of the tribe that they had each was during the day. " How is Mrs. K? " Ask Tomhg. "Physically, she is much stronger. She has not recovered consciousness yet, though. " Said Jim. "How was your day? As practice? " "Coach Waters and Mansfield coach has to call? " " No, I have not heard of them, all day. " " Then I do not know. " " you know what? " " Wylie About... " " no, by God, what about Wylie. "asked Jim very soon affected. " Gone, Jim. " "What? " Jim returned to Cliff, " Did you hear that ? " " Wylie is gone, Tom ? " Cliff said. " Yes, sir," answered Tom. "Jim, who only practiced during training forty of us kids went for two cars and searched everywhere him. " "Jesus! " Jim said, shaking his head. "What comes next? Any sign of damage all day ? " "No, I looked at the same time we were looking for Wylie. " " The police? " Cliff said. " Yes, sir. Half of the force is looking for Wylie and damage two. Wylie mother is afraid ! Excuse me, Father. " "" shit ", it seems appropriate, Tom, "said Cliff. "Cliff," began Tom, "many things are happening and I can not , but I think we are all connected in some way. " "I regret having to deal you agree with Jim, but feels he has on the right. "Cliff completed. " Have you eaten, Tom? " " since breakfast. I have fear, Phil, Howie, and I went to their cooking something like a big mess. " "Stay forget the chaos ! Do not Wylie and eat with him ? " n ", Phil Wylie and Wylie type of incident and left before that hot breakfast. This is the last time any of you have seen. " " What type of incident? "n " it's a long story, "said Tom, " Can we in some private place, Jim, go maybe in the visiting room, I can tell you that? " " Cliff and I were about to have dinner. Why do not the three s ' s go somewhere, and tell us why? " " sounds like a good idea, guys, "said Cliff. "We can go to Capinetti Italian restaurant is dark and isolated. It will be a good place to talk about three of us. I call Roger andtell her I'm that home late. Of course, Roger is, they used to. " " 'Roger '? The Roger Cole is named the second later? "Asked Tom a little surprised by his father Cliff opening. N " One and the same, " said Cliff. " He is their... ? "N " My other half? "Tom Cliff finish the question. " Well, until one of the to us dies or commits the other to a nursing home or a psychiatric institution, , who first used. " ", but... " Jim interjected:" I bet you did not know who the father is Cliff last name " Cole " as well? " " You are... they are not brothers, right? " " brothers in Christ, but the lovers in the bedroom. No, Tom, is a long story, but when Roger and I decided we would be together for a life, I had my name legally changed to Roger. " " You own half of the institutions? " " I would not do this. Roger and all I have is together in every way. " " God, I feel so fucking stupid. When I arrived in Briarwood, was so fear of people know thatwas gay... But now I'm starting to believe , all residents of Briarwood is gay! " " Come, Mr. Touchdown, we spend the next hour to answer a each other questions about a lot of pasta dishes.. "Said Cliff Luckily, Monday night and the restaurant was not full 8,.. 45, when there were three of them took a corner booth in the far the ristorante They ordered dinner and a bottle of imported red wine n. the first part of the conversation was to say about Tom Nina, its progress and current status. Then it was Tom referring to the series, the Naked Lolitas incident in Jim Wylie in the kitchen before morning. as Tom finished his story, the three sat in silence, each of them thinking their own thoughts, as the three thought the same... "damage... Sand ? Damage... Ray; ? Damage... Nina; ? and finally, damage?... Wylie ?. " If your starter arrived, they took the time to eat before the search of their ideas and fears of a wave. " Cliff, you can aska personal question? State, "said Jim, dissipated by the plates. " When I refused to answer, Jim n ' "? Something I always wondered how half the city, I guess. " " Oh yeah? " " what Roger was born in wealth or he deserves it... like the stock market the market or in real estate ? " " Roger 's father was an only child, as Roger. not even Roger knows as his grandfather made ​​his fortune. you have to be the father of Roger Cole as his grandfather died. But the show destination, Roger lost both parents shortly before his grandfather died of a stroke. the death of his Roger was the sole heir of his will. I doubt that Roger knows that is day, like his grandfather left him. One of our best friends, Walter Baxter is our attorney and he is responsible for all financial matters and Roger n I suppose, only knows how much Walter Cole is in the chest. When the two n together as best friends, I knew that money from the family of Roger n greater than mine. I had to go to a state university, while roger family sent him a expensive private school. We were both priests of the the same time. " Then I was offered to San Ginés and Roger was rector of the church in the Midwest. Except that we had when we were going to college. Then one day from nothing, Roger brought before the parish of San Ginés in a Lexus new, so I figured that was a graduation present from his parents. that s only then I learned that his parents died in an accident, his grandfather Roger had died and become one of the richest young men in the Forbes list. I knew nothing about it for a long time, because it was the inheritance fact, Roger. If he had followed his first instinct, spent all his money to charity and donated effects have lived with me, happy in the original parish house in a middle-class style. One after another, we begun to "take " Briarwood our son... some of whom were infected time to AIDS and that's what Roger has the idea to build institutions and try to find tto cure for HIV and AIDS. " " You mean you had so much money and not even know ? "Tom request. " The interest grew and was making money faster than he could spend it. These are things that Roger does not want me to share n to anyone, but maybe it's time a few people know the truth and stop the rumors that his money comes from. " " This is unbelievable! "Said Tom. " No wonder you do not give two fucking an who knows, if you're gay or not. Look, how many gay men Institute cured. Roger has to be like Alexander the Great, in a great crusade. " " I do not know they were surprised to know that Alexander is the idol. " " I can tell you what Jim says about you ? "Said Tom. " Uh oh, be careful what you say, Mr. Summerfield, "said Jim. " I would like to know what Jim said about me. " " said he had to learn this ability, which will tell a person before he says it. Is that true ? " " I... I... Cliff ' S was speechless. "Jim told me you were a fucking... God! Sorry. Naked Lolitas "Tom was stopped with a look at Cliff and flushing. " A damn mind reader ? Is that what you were saying? "Cliff joked. " I think Jim is right, just read my mind again, "said Tom. Cliff and Jim looked at each other and laughed. Tom is unemployment; "Can you say what you think now ? "Tom asked. " Your face says what you think, Tom. " " Oh yeah? " " You're in love, probably for the first time in his life, and in the present circumstances I do not know what to do about it. "Said Cliff and took a sip of wine, Tom felt " trapped "and looked down. Jim leaned forward and touched the hand of Tom for help. N " Everything is ok, Tom. Cliff can know everything about our situation, s to open with him, "said Jim, " You can not sincerely gay n the before a priest. " " Tom, puts too much weight on the outside of religion. Yes, I'm a priest... a man of the cloth, as I have called, but before I n a priest, who had a ma first and I'm still the same person. "Cliff said, reassuring. " Back to the point, I wonder if the coach has heard Mansfield no Wylie or harm? " " If the two of you will excuse me, I'll call, and while I n a, I will go to the men's room. "Tom said. " Sure, " Cliff said, Naked Lolitas Jim, at the same time. Tom apologizes and left the table. " He "is a man, Cliff said cordially Jim. "We do not know too young? "Jim asked, almost afraid, Cliff hear the answer. " Heavens, no! " Cliff said, quickly. " He has a hard enough life. You must... or rather, I say to you and Nina are the first emotional... the stability that was found in a long time. Jim, trust me. There is no doubt in my ot in his mind that he loves you loves you... deep... I do not know how my is a teacher, coach, mentor, friend or one of those things. love as her lover. " " Do not you think I 'm an old fool, what a complete idiot s me, Cliff? " " Jim, Jim, you're a great teacher of the UBt is a terrible student. You do not have You hear what I said about love, sex and age? "N " I could you cite chapter and verse. " Jim replied. " Then you know how I feel... and if you search under my agreement... so, you have, and my blessing. I think both were determined to be together. " " Do you think we disagree, so it is the last stop ? " " As long as it should. "Cliff said :" Roger and I Naked Lolitas are the same age. When we fall in love, was and is the growth of our intention to old. Not a night goes by that I thank God every night in my prayers for the time we spent together. have together. And God willing, have more years ! " " But I still do not want to hurt Nina. You and I have loved for such a long time and is the only person in the world, that knowledge of the situation between the three of us, without conviction. " " And I love you and Nina, but Jim, I'm not a Calvinist. I do not think that believe that every minuteand the life of a person was predestined before his birth. Life is not a straight and narrow, is filled with many twists and turns, most of them are not predictable. We never know that has entered our lives, or stop unexpectedly. that choose our lives. God does that for us. I think he has a plan for all n of us, but up to us to choose and to decide how to manage our way through n. That's why I sincerely believe that was God's plan to give Tom of Naked Lolitas his life if he did. " " divine intervention for a college football coach and his quarterback men ? "The voice of Jim s was self-critical. " Let's make some guesses. When an accident as a child was "planned " as Presbyterians believe... and if there is no " I " was called for you, that have been here for you? " " Probably Tom... but as a team player or as a friend... but never as a partner sex one. " " Jim, God knows no barriers in sex. When a person dies and the soul leaves... Do you think there are men andfemale souls ? Souls are souls... Ghosts... No sex in heaven. Sure, some of the angels mentioned in the Bible have masculine names... Gabriel... Michael... even Lucifer... but do you think they were really men? " " I never thought. " " Then, when the soul is the life force in the body, why the living it must be different from the soul after death ? There are no boundaries , where men and women are affected. Who says that soul mate must have a vagina instead of a penis? This is body differently... no souls. " " And you think that God had sent a young man of my soul mate to be ? "N " Nobody knows what God thinks. We must accept and to continue with our lives... But when life is over and walk through the structure physical body... Sex sounds of sex. We are all just " neutral," so to speak. " " Yes, and " s " about the age difference ? According to the Scriptures, some of the Jewish historical patriarchs were hundreds of years before they took them wives and had children. Joseph must have been about fourteen years old, Mary, twelve or thirteen, , while Elizabeth, the cousin of Mary, was almost an old woman when she conceived cousin of Jesus, John the Baptist. The Bible is no age limit on love... for why should we? Who says that you and Tom - God forbid - do not want to die of an accident in the next six months? If you are a victim, a few days n, rare moments that you have to love one another, for fear of age differences that you should not use every day and minute can each other to pass ? love " " You say that... "Go for it, "' Jim said, almost calmly, out. " Well, of course, that depends on how much Tom loves you. " " With all my heart and soul," said Tom at the door, using Cliff Jim listened to the conversation while standing in the dark, unnoticed by two men. " Hello, Tom," said Cliff. "Go back to sit down. " " I heard what you said," Tom said. "I could not believe,that! " " Why? " Cliff said. " Well, forgive me, but Jim told me you were gay... and I did not know If you were a gay lawyer, priest, or a friend to talk to. " " Three. "Cliff said, smiling. " As I said, I never heard a minister say something like before. "Said Tom, Jim poured a glass of wine. N " I can assure you, Tom, that everything you just said to Jim, the the same sermon I preach from my pulpit Naked Lolitas San Ginés. " "Damn! " Exclaimed Tom. " How big is your church? "N " You mean before or after the expansion to accommodate all the parishioners Naked Lolitas ? " " are mostly homosexuals, " said Tom, very interested. " Tom, Nina and Cliff was my pastor for many years. "He threw Tom. " We have a number of gay men, more or less straight, y... a series of that are not sure what but they all come to the church of the same --- the same basic message of "listening, Cliff said, sipping his drink, " Roger and I have several young people in their... Age... and I fear all had the same doubts about the car you have, when they moved for the first time in hope that you and Jim would come to my house and meet our of the small family. "The statement N Cliff was quiet an implicit invitation to it. " You know, the night I met you and Roger in the roar of the lion, I no idea it was Roger Cole and he been treated as if I were a type hero, when I should have been honored him as my hero. That... and Well, they both seem like " normal kids. " Tom said. " This is all we are, Tom. " " Believe me, whether you're close to finding a vaccine or cure, are for AIDS? " \\ \\ n " Yes, and by God, we will find a cure. It is here... and , we find... under certain cup or micro film or a formula this his way is through our massive network research team. " a moment of silence was then Jim took the hand of Tom. "Tom, is to go to church with me next Sunday at Cliff? " " I'm not religious, you know, however,Of course I will. " " with the hope that all is well with Nina until then two in the come to my house for Sunday dinner after church with Roger and me? Troy and Jay live next to the big house and I will invite Kyle and Ryan , and their two newly adopted children and you can count on our four "sons " know s and two "grandchildren " at least. " " How many " children" who has everything? "Asked Tom, with bright eyes and a little more relaxed with wine, but almost in disbelief of his fortune to to find men like these. " That depends on how I can count and in what particular day. In addition to N the four I mentioned, Roger and I have two coming in New York, in Broadway, and four of Mackintosh, New Hampshire, and I hope more n ! " " As the father of Jeff and Johnny up there? "Jim asked. " Well, you know that Jeff 's brother Alex and her lover, Ted, have moved a Jeff and to help Johnny. The four of them seemed to be work miracles with the victims of AIDS. " " This is wonderful! "JimHe said. " Jeff Mackintosh can send three people Briarwood n to settle here for a short time... and who knows, maybe Three additions to our family, is perhaps the last week. " Tom 's eyes were getting bigger by the moment. "Let's see," said he began to "four and two and four, and three maybe? That's thirteen! " "It seems that Roger and I need one more, right?" cliff said : ". If every one of us was superstitious," " --- And they are all gay if you do not care what I say? " Tom said. "Never mind, Tom --- we are all family in the eyes of God. " " Damn it, the more the better... or Gayer, I guess. " said Tom. " Jim, I like to break this trio, but n to go through the Church and the use of notes that seemed made ​​for the Sunday sermon to go before they see what Roger is doing great harm. If not successful, I will not know. if that needs us to stay with Nina tonight, call me at home and we the pressure off. " "No, Cliff, I can not even askAre you, two nights in a row of n. Refer to " " We have reached no decision on damages, if each of us him, "said Cliff. " What 's the matter, Tom? Overnight tonight Jim? " " I do not want to stay there alone, Cliff, "replied Tom. " I think Jim, the father of the right. When looking hurt me, then he will wait I'll be at Jim, all alone, while Jim is with Nina. " " What are you, Tom wants? You can always be with Roger and me. We have enough extra bedrooms to house all equipment must be n eeded. " " I think I'm in the bedroom safely. This is the last place, the damage is me. He believes, no matter where I am, Phil and Howie next to me. " " Do you really think it's safe, Tom? "Said Jim. " Jim, I'm not a baby, for Christ's sake... forgiveness, Father, I only muscle mass as well as damage and also, if he had hidden and drive around all this time, he is probably too tired to try anything tonight anyway. " " You should be rRIGHT. "Jim reluctantly, " but if not, call me at the counter of the nurses in the ICU, if you need me and I 'll be there n in a few minutes. " " Here, " said Cliff, hand in his jacket pocket," take my card n and call me. I can still get a good blow to the Lord, if n a... and as for Roger, he is more powerful than any sword I've ever seen. " Tom Cliff took the card and put it in your wallet. " Now what ? "Cliff said. " Drop Jim and revolve around the hospital and write me at the entrance return to the bedroom. "Tom said. " deal. "Cliff said. Cliff paid the bill and the waiter gave a significant peak, n surprised by the young Italian. Most of the ministers usually stiffed waiters I think they really expected be released due to their of the season. Cliff was waiting in his car while he went to Jim Tom input in the hospital to say good night. Tom kissed Jim on the lips, as soon as are possible, and returned car for Cliff. Jim watched to the drive before entering the building for the night with his wife. when Cliff Cole took his car from the parking lot, not Please note the light blue Mustang followed about 200 yards away. Jim got off the elevator on the sixth floor and it was nice to see a Surprise, Buddy and Dan had expected, but at the same time anxious, fearful that they might have some bad news about Wylie or damage. Jim greeted them briefly with each embrace. " Hey, guys, it's so great to see both of you," said Jim. " Jim, we're both sorry we were not arrested in the afternoon, but we were a n to get a bit of doubt in the hospital. Knew about all that any of us, If they were anywhere near Nina 's room will be allowed, besides the fact that we knew that you need some time to be alone with her and did not want me way. "said Dan. "Both are a welcome sight for tired eyes. " "What is Nina? " My friend asked. "Dr. Middleton has assured me that it's okayafter return to consciousness. " " This is good news ! "Answer Buddy. " I know I should add a burden on you, but we think you should think about what happened in black the practice today. " " Are you talking about Wylie ? " " Yes, "said Phil. " You have heard, then? " " Yes Is there any news of the police or by Betty Hammersmith? " " There is nothing new to report. Wylie is still missing. Naked Lolitas " "Damn! "Jim said," Where can Scutter the letter " n " I do not want to sound like the voice of destiny, but Buddy and I are n'm beginning to believe " foul play "?. " " Jim, if you do not mind me asking, " Buddy said," Who told you about that Wylie ? " " Tom landed in the hospital. In fact, we can do , otherwise the cliff Nina 's father, and I took Tom to eat eventful us today. " " Where is Tom now? " " Father Cliff brought me back to the hospital for dinner, and Tom wanted to go back to the dorm. " " Jim ", Dan began to speak timidly," No "t the idea that Buddy and I are sticking their noses in their personal affairs, but and Tom have been fairly close in Naked Lolitas recent days. He seems to be Nina in a serious accident than the rest of the team... It is The team does not care --- I mean, all the kids are very worried, but Tom seems to be closer to Nina accident in his heart. " Jim was unwilling to reveal anything about his private life and Toms s relationship with his two assistants, chose the very simple answer. " Tom spent several nights with Nina and I from their arrival and the n raised two of them are quite fond of each other. We have seemed to bind to in a mother / child relationship. " " It's good to hear, Jim, what strange things with s happening at school, so fast in the last days... There rumors that some.... " " Oh yeah? " Jim replied, a little too soft. " What kind of rumors, " said n either friends nor Dan immediately. " ? Come on, guys, we are FriIEND... our wives and three us. What have you heard, to my knowledge, Naked Lolitas the need ? " choosing his words carefully, Dan said," Oh, nothing that is n think of us, but they say that you and Tom... no around... so not only in the area,... intima. " " Oh yeah? " " Yes, Jim, "Buddy jumped quickly," as Dan, none of us believes that what is said, the two know all too well. " Jim sighed, his eyes anxious about revealing their secret, hidden from his two close friends and associates. Called The look on Jim 's face n Friends and Dan each with a look perplexed, but knowing look. " Jim, do not respond if you do not want... "Dan said," But... is something that happens ? " " Guys, do not know what's going on, but since we've known all another of our families have always been so close is difficult to lie any of you. " " So... in whole or in part, the rumors are true ? ' " I do not know what you all have heard... But, yes, that is a part of them reality, "said Jim as which is partly retired, his personal dilemma. " What is it, Jim? " Dan asked. " You know, you can trust n or two of us, tell us what you want. We always play in secret n our playbook more closely than the CIA never could... things none of us \\ \\ n shares with Mabel and Becky. "sat Jim on a nearby bench in the hallway of the hospital as friends and Dan joined him. Naked Lolitas "Dan... Buddy, who has done something that I hope and pray a God that none of you have to fight. " " What is it, Jim," asked Dan, in silence. " Damn, you guys do not know how to say it. Remember, I am both my profound trust and rely on our friendship, that waiting, as I say, only three of us. " " Naked Lolitas Jim, we have always trusted each other instead. Why do we stop now, mind ? what to say, " added Dan. Jim waited a few minutes to call its mean value, then fell in " You see, kids, it all started when Tom came into our lives... my n and Nina 's... His good. It seemed to turn our team into a winner. that seems to be a positive effect on all those with whom contact has to. When I was in my house Nina and we both came a time pleasure in it... but for me is that the "taste " became stronger and soon, s almost like the dissolution of an Alka- Seltzer in a glass of soda water. He brought fun and joy of Nina, and my life. It was as if the two finally the son he never could, of course. Needless to say, Nina and I always have for you two, for children who have both, but at the same time time, would I lie when I say that both have been envious. then suddenly, out of nowhere, like a gift from God, Tom came to our life. It was like love at first sight, the way Nina and I loved it. I I swear, there would be younger and for adoption, his name would be Tom Kerr soon there, Tom Summerfield. " " Jim, from time to time, I am sure that Buddy and I feel strong ties s ofr a student or staff member. That's not unusual "n " I know Dan, but that grew between the three of us was more than only a strong bond. Soon, my love for Tom to rapid obsession n. It was something of a father / son. I felt different every time was in my presence. I do not escape it. I invited him spend the nights in our home. Nina knew that I was always more of n it the point that I wanted to maintain and develop a physical link between us. " " --- do you mean sex? " Buddy said. N " At first I... only later. Nina was also very aware of it. "Jim a deep breath. " Finally, Nina suggested that if Tom agree, I sleep with him to see if this new feeling I had was real. " " Nina suggests that sleep with Tom? She gave her consent? " " Yes, " "Damn! "Dan is silence. " And - Do you have " " Yes ? May God forgive me, but I let my physical desire by Tom get the best of my " know better " and I slept with him... and we had sex. " a terrible mothersilence developed. "What was the reaction of Nina? " "It was crazy... crazy. Was adopted when I was sleeping with Tom n happy. " " Hell, no or Becky know if Mabel should be understanding, Jim, "said Dan. "other woman. That was the situation of the triangle so fucking weird. " "How Tom feel to know that Nina had given their consent? Suppose that Nina knows how he felt? " " Tom was so caught up in our romance, he liked what he n that was happening between us. Tom had never been to love someone him... him love and attention that Naked Lolitas we all seek. " " Did you have any concept that this trio that was happening, " said Dan. " Not really. We just got back from day to day, enjoying every time, as it happened. " " Since you put your cards on the table, Jim, have you ever ina let s think for Tom. " " The idea of ​​24 / 7.. or at least filled Nina accident. " " What now ? " " Go to Who knows shit ? SomehowI think Nina has stayed at the Hotel background, go to our marriage, while at the same time, let me continue my relationship with Tom, for an indefinite period. " " I guess the effect on U if the word Briarwood ever made ? "Buddy said. " Yes, and it drives me crazy. I love my job. I love Briarwood U. I love the team and I love you both, and Becky and Mabel, as , when we are all one family. I realized I could give my all to continue the world today, my friends, and all of that environment, when Tom and I were. " " Jim, how Tom feels about all this? " " Phil, he says he loves me. " " --- And you love him? " " I... I do not know... I... yes... Yes, I love him too. " The silence of most of the three was deafening. No know No, what I can say. Jim was a bomb is many times stronger than Hiroshima and the effects were apparently devastating. The time of stored by a nurse who went to see Jim. "Mr. Kerr ? " " Yes ? " Jim replied. "Doctors Kerr woman who wants to see in your room? " " What is it? "Jim asked, panicked. " Absolutely not, "said the nurse," but Mrs. Kerr has opened the eyes of calling. " " Thank God! "Said Jim. He turned to his assistant coaches. " Go, Jim. She needs you. " Dan said. Jim turned to, as leave Dan," and Jim --- do not worry, your secret is safe with friends and me. " " Thanks, guys, "said Jim, as he walked down the hall to see Nina. Both Dan and Buddy got choked as I watched Jim Enter the Nina 's room. " What do you think, buddy? " Dan said. " do not know, Dan is, I think What the fuck? " * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * decreased hours before, as Phil and Tom Howie at the hospital, , his intention was to return home to eat and, as both the connection to the hungry futile search for Wylie. were " Whacha like to do? "Asked Phil Howie " I want to eat ! What do you want ? " " IFuckin 'm' too hungry, my friend, but I fear that this is a time when the my ​​tail - takes precedence over the belly appetite - the appetite! "Howie said : rub the crotch of his pants. " What do you mean ? " " I say today, and everything that happened made ​​me tense as an error in a June raid the factory. I have to leave... maybe a few of moments to relax. "N " You want to make your home? " " X-yes! Mom has reached about 40 women in the church by planning its annual Thanksgiving baskets for the poor. What is your home? " " Dead is also my brother, Grant, come to dinner, brought his wife and five children. The children are all over the house, if that are there. Once I finished my room to keep ' em out and be damned if the two elderly have the basket in the bathroom and shut the door. that fuckin broke the hinges. I can not imagine that we have a private life tonight. " " Maybe you should tie the little bastard and teach 'em to lesson. We could pull their pants and pouwintergreen all balls r n when we join with the first year for the team. " " Shit, that would not work. They are so fucking loud, that probably love it and beg for more. " " Where can we go? " Howie said. " Somewhere where it's hot. It's really interesting is tonight. " ", I can feel it. My balls have dropped anything. " " Turn on the heat, stupid, "said Phil," How cold eggs can be n and cool at the same time? " " Phil, we have sex together enough that you should know is that You can masturbate in a snow storm and a lot of melting snow. " " I think you can. Are you sure you shoot a lot when you cum. I should know. It's a miracle that he drowned on several occasions. That's why I try to , keep drain as much as possible. This makes it easier for me if I above the shoulder. "N " I could always go to hell. " " Yes, and still stay in the throat, " he chuckled. " I have an idea. "Howie says. " Why do not we stop at the Krystal and to get a few dozen Hamburgrs, for a few fries, a little chile, a handful of large drinking and driving through the lagoon, where we go when we were children, and , we could not find another place to go down. " " It is very cold, Howie. " " Yes, but the heater works well and does not last long, not the n is how I feel. " " if two is not enough time to relax. "N " You know that good sex always warms the blood.. " " We are not freeze after the first well, but not kissing, "said Phil," I do not like to kiss you, if that you have eaten onions. " " You em ' too! What difference is there to eat? " " Since onions make you fart, too. " " Hell, it will take hours for the onions to get that far in my n system. " " until you know that I warned you. There is nothing more unromantic, like my head buried in her shame, if you cut a large n a. " " If the devil did I do that? " " The last time the paramedics came to the CPR and oxygen. "Phil joked. " Fuck you ! I thought it would be serious. I love you too much fart in the face. " " that was never finished, when windows are closed on your trucks. They have always fart, but once you have followed the words : ". I only threw a fart, because I love you " " " Would you shut the fuck up We are hungry and want eat and I wants to look ahead to what, maybe not in that order, but... " " OK, let's go to the Krystal and then to our private site in the vicinity of the lagoon. " " Now you're talking ! "n " I love you, you know. "Phil said, " Yes, I know... and I love you too much, " said Howie. " But that does not mean I give my consent to fart ! "Phil almost cried, striking Howie in the intestine. laughed. " Hey, what about Tom? "Howie asked changing the subject. 'Do you think that that should stay with him tonight ? " " will probably spend the night with coach Kerr, "Damage o answer. " The two of them to an agreement. Otherwise, I'm sure a of them will call us before going to bed. " Happ " Phil, what do you think wills between them? "Howie expressed concern in his voice. " What do you mean ? " " I mean, Coach Kerr, Tom.... and Mrs. Kerr accident? "n " I know, baby, but I think a lot. " " me too. I feel a little sorry for them both... especially Tom. " " Oh, why Tom? "N " I mean, after everything has calmed down and Mrs Kerr returns normal and go home, Coach Kerr is still Naked Lolitas her and Tom are alone again... out in the cold with anyone. " " This is the same as what I thought Howie. I did not say out loud. " " OK, that's the right Krystal soon ! You have money, right ? " " Sure, unless you want to place the buy -out with two or three dozen Hamburg. " " You are undercooked hamburgers, friend. It takes a lot of them to do food. " " You think, twenty dollars is enough to fill ? That's all I have n. " " I do not want dessert. You are my dessert. " " The way they talk, it would be before I thought, " " is the main dish, depending on what first! "Howie said. " You mean, you run first, right? " " Whatever! " Howie pulled his truck in the parking lot of Krystal and the two entered, n peers, friends and lovers. It was in the first week of November cold. But there was no snow n predicted in Briarwood. the colorful autumn leaves fell were weeks and now the trees are bare, waiting for winter. the interaction of these night on Friday was brutal. no matter how many pills or layers by thermal underwear, a player had felt the first blow twice in bare fists, face, or a other parts of the body exposed so badly in a freezing temperature. all a often the team members videotape to be broadcast games on Friday, nights or Saturday afternoon and somehow does not seem fair that the clock Miami Hurricanes played in short sleeves, t-shirts and giant fans blowing over the mountains of ice to keep them fresh, while most other teams in in the country and joins in the fight against ice and snow. n HoHow were eighteen crystals share with Phil, but two large fries, and two large peppers, and for some stupid reason, from habit, two major cold shock instead of coffee or hot thermos \\ \\ n chocolate. Have your order and made a mad dash to start the truck heating. They spent the input signal on the old road Briarwood family. There were stains on the time of ice on the road, ice already formed in the afternoon. The car was equipped with tire Michelin is the best winter so there is no concern for the happy, but tired, as a pair. Phil was in the big bag Krystal reached by a handful of of chips and fed one by one, Howie, as he drove. The thinly sliced ​​potatoes were very hot and everyone was able to feel your body increasing temperature, were less than twenty yards from his destination named if Howie noticed a strange object on the road. "What the hell is that? " Howie said. ", where" " No, asshole, in thE Street --- right in front of us. "N " It seems that... " " What? "N " It looks like a naked body. " " Are you kidding me. " " Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick ! Stop the truck, Howie, " said Phil when it slammed the passenger door and ran toward the object increasingly clear lights Howie. " God damn DUDE! "Phil cry. " WYLIE IS " Howie stopped the car, jumped out and ran into Phil, and knelt next to Wylie. Wylie was naked. There started almost blue with cold. there is a pair of underwear stuffed in her mouth. his arms were tied with string subject to the back, which are tied to another rope around his ankle. " Are you alive? "Howie said. " Yes, your head is bloody, but breathing it! " " quick, take my pocket knife and cut the rope, while I cried a go the car blanket, " and threw the knife Howie Phil Wylie was beaten deliberately... and cold, but conscious. " Hey, man, " said Phil Wylie boxers pulling out of the mouth and Cutting on the ropes. "It's my friend, Phil and Howie ! " " Phil?" Wylie said, weakly. "Yes, what the hell happened? Who did this? " freed from the tight ropes Wylie could breathe better. He took a deep breath to breathe deeply, and he sighed, "Damage. " " FUCK! Damage did this ? " Phil said Howie came up with the roof. " Did you say, did this hurt ? " Howie launched. Wylie nodded, as Phil shouted, " Yes," "? Beat you," " Where is he ? " " " Uh huh,. " I do not know.... " " What did you hit your head? " "... power... damage back to me. " "The son of a bitch! " Howie says. "I'll kill you. " "Where are Naked Lolitas your clothes? " "... do not know. " "Listen, Wylie, do not answer if Rape does not hurt but " weak through tears of relief to their rescue Wylie managed to shake n the head once in the negative. " Do you get any kind of sex? " "... no. " " You may tell us, Wylie ! " Howie said. "No one will ever know, , but us. " "... did not. I swear, " "n Havand here naked in the cold all day? " "... uh huh. " " C'mon, Howie, he left in his truck and go to the hospital nearby. " " The following is Cole, Phil, but do not know if it has an n or emergency room. " " All hospitals have 'em. You treat AIDS, attempt to commit suicide, right? " " I think so. " " So Cole has a damn emergency room. They grab his feet, and I going to get into the truck. " Howie Wylie and Phil rose up in a sitting position and Howie covered it with an army blanket bites before moving to the cab s. Wylie was all trembling with fear and cold. the heat from the friendship of his two best friends - and the roof is made ​​Wylie -.. able to mourn tears running down her cheeks once installed, Howie gave the truck and sped down highway road. n " Wylie you do anything ? Were you able to defend a all? " " I met him in the jaw, " Wylie said in a whisper. " I am not t sure if it broke the jaw of the ass, but I know I called a few teeth, just before he hit me with the tip. " " Wylie, in our friendship, I swear I did not do anything sexual to you? " " No, I have said. " " Thank God, "said Phil," You are alive ! This is the important! " " How did you find me ? You have to look long? " " The whole team was sought instead of practice. There are police cars looking for you right now! " " How do you look for me in the pool? "Looked Phil and Howie to each other. " The... it was just a hunch of Howie. "Inhale Wylie said, remains weak and try to the hot air heater truck. " " " I 'm glad he was thinking, you know why did? I mean, what are you doing here n with him in the first place? " " He told me everything, Naked Lolitas Phil.. all about sandy... and Ray, type Shoney... and K. I was afraid to tell him. " " I 'm glad you're alive, but I can't imagine, why has not killed you ? Why should I stop and leave? " " Are you afraid, Phil does not think he wanted to kill me. Harm and I s always been friends y... Well, I dunno... of his mouth was bleeding heavily from the blow that landed on the jaw. I realized I was in severe pain when he tied the ropes. " " instead of killing time, I think he thought it would be freeze to death out there naked in freezing temperatures. They much less if he had killed suffered... but thank God we found first. " " Do you still want me to go to Cole? " Howie said. " Yes, if the following... and also, perhaps Coach Kerr is still is. "speedometer Howie was caught at 80 mph, up to the hospital. Phil ran into the house to freeze a stretcher and then almost... but LIVE Wylie was shot quickly in the ER Cliff was discontinued after Tom in the bedroom, which was by San Ginés not pick up yourthen he left, closing the back door of the church. He got into his car and started again, since n of a sudden a car pulled up perpendicular to their blocks back bumper. Cliff met it breaks before you caught on the side of the vehicle it. Came out to see who it was, while at the same time, the damage s vehicle left the mystery... a light blue Mustang. "The damage, are you ?" Cliff asked quietly. " Yes, Father, I am there," said an angry voice damage. "What wilt thou, my son, your mouth was bleeding. Have you been in an n accident? " " No, it was an accident!" Shouted damage. "I saw with him and I just want to know one! " " I have seen, with which, the damages? " " Father Tom! SUMMERFIELD TOM! " damage shouted. "And I want to know if fucking him? " "damage, do not know what... " "Shut Up And answer, I know all about you The joy of being gay and I want to know if you fuckin 'that TOM ? " Cliff had never been afraid before. It was a new experience for him, but suddenly knew the meaning of the proverb about a deer caught n the headlights. (To be continued in the ' Briarwood ' --- --- Book Six Chapter - 63).
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